Bio-Stromatech Geomaterial Multiple


Bio-Stromatech Geomaterial Multiple

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The geomaterial utilized in the present method may be varied provided that it has a structure with interconnected pores or fractures.

The geomaterial may be rock, typically sedimentary rock such as a terrigenous, chemical/biochemical, or sedimentary rock.

Examples of sedimentary rocks that are suitable for the present method include conglomerate, breccia, sandstone, siltstone, shale, limestone, gypsum, dolostone, and lignite. As another example, either as an alternative the geomaterial may be unconsolidated or partially consolidated porous medium such as soil (e.g. gravel, sand, silt, clay with or without organics such as peat) or sediments.

The geomaterial of the present invention may also be fractured igneous or metamorphic rock: volcanic rock containing interconnected pores may also be utilized as the geomaterial of the present method.

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