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In nature, three groups of microorganisms cause microbial induced calcite precipitation (MICP), and biocementation takes place as a useful byproduct in them:

(1) : Photosynthetic microorganisms such as cyanobacteria and algae that carry out photosynthesis in water and can stabilize CO2.

(2) : Sulfate-reducing microorganisms responsible for the multistage dissimilatory reduction of sulfates.

(3) :  Organisms that play a part in the nitrogen cycle through ammonification of amino acids/ reduction of nitrates/ hydrolysis of urea.

BIO-STROMATECH is applicable in :
  • 1Improve cultivation level of the desert sands
  • 2Improve the spontaneous regrowth of plants in the deserts
  • 3Creation of pitch wells above and under the sands of deserts
  • 4Creation of 100% natural roads and paths by the beach
  • 5Creation of 100% natural (made by stabilized sand)
  • a. Natural Housing
  • b. Natural Parks
  • c. Natural Oasis in the desert
  • d. Natural Accommodations
  • e. Natural Artworks
  • 6Stabilization of loose land to prevent flooding
  • 7Stabilization of sands to prevent movement
  • 8Stabilization of infrastructure to prevent flooding
  • 9Restoration of dams in depths
  • 10Strengthen Road pavement
  • 11Depth of fortress in oil wells
  • 12Restoration of ancient works
  • 13Help reduce CO2 by using less Portland cement
The main target

Isolation of native urea degrading bacteria, optimization of mass culture of native urea degrading bacteria and evaluation of their potential for microbial precipitation of gravel (sand) particles at the approximate level of one hectare.


Making and procurement a fogger system in order to spray the bacteria and stabilize the shifting sands .

Optimization of growth conditions in sterile and non- sterile conditions for production of BIO-STROMATECH and strength of the shifting sands.

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