Compressive strength test

We proved that Sand treated with MICP method can withstand a Compressive Pressure greater than 20 MPa. compressive strength test .

At laboratory conditions, unconfined compressive strength (UCS) ranging from 300 kPa up to 30 MPa were attained .

Advantages of BIO-STROMATECH

Although most of the great deserts are known for their heat and sand, but the Middle East and West Asia are composed of large deserts. The Sahara is Africa’s largest warm desert, with a total area of about 9 million square kilometers and two and a half million years old. In the Countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya heat stress and mental accidents cause a lot of damage. The stabilization of fluent sands and the creation of green areas will not only prevent this damage, but it can also affect the climate and the spontaneous regrowth of plants. Every year, a lot of money is necessary for collecting sands from the cities. With BIO-STROMATECH we can cultivate in the desert, developing the best environment for the plants to grow. It is even possible to create water pitches, above or under the sands that can be exploited as reservoirs to collect water used for subsequent cultivation.

One of the applications of Portland cement is the strength of loose ground. But, due to low cement penetration and high costs, the use of MICP green technology can be a pathway. One of the human wishes is to settle down in the Moon and other Planets. Due to the cost of carrying materials and erecting buildings, this is one of the ways to use BIO-STROMATECH.

Functional-level strategy
  • • Marketing strategy

We will try to provide our customers with distinguished products so that we can compete in the market with our efficient products. It is import for us to inform potential customers about products and services. To that end, we will prepare a list of potential customers and will communicate with them to inform them about our products.

  • • Online order through company website
  • • Public relationship marketing
  • • Word of mouth marketing
  • Content advertising
  • Advertising in social network through content production and publishing and republishing it
  • Taking advantage of the public media tools
  • • Advertising report
Business strategy
  • • Cost leadership strategy
  • » Keep the cost low as much as possible
  • » Differentiation strategy
  • – Use technology to create uniqueness
  • There are three approaches to differentiate:
  • 1 - Lower buyer cost
  • 2 - Increase buyer satisfaction
  • 3 - Increase perceived value of the product/service
Sand dune’s view, after treatment by MICP for tourism spots
The construction of the International Space Station on the Moon
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